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Concrete plant

We developed a compact concrete plant, perfecty adapted to the current market needs.

This concrete plant consist of a frame carrying :
  • 4 feeders
  • 1 main drain-weighting belt conveyor
  • 1 transverse belt conveyor
  • 1 lifting belt conveyor
  • 1 concrete mixer
  • 1 cement weighting system
  • 1 water weighting system
  • 1 control cabin
  • Hygrometrical tester, etc...

The whole plateform pivots from producing position to road transfer one.
Output of plant is from 50 to 400m3/h. Fixed model is possible according to the customer wishes.
A data-processing control system is integrated in the two versions, allowing a product traceability by manual or automatic control.
Fixed installation example as below :

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