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system patented by AP TECHNIC

Designed for the road and highway contacting, AP R asphalt plant is a continuous unit made up of 5 independent trailers, allowing to move or to change for adapting the asphalt unit to each specific market.

The AP R is either stationary mobile or transferable version with an output slot from 100 to 400 T/h, it is designed to add up to 50% of recycled asphalt or to get in any another additive.

AP R asphalt plant composition :
  • 1 feeders group trailer
  • 1 Dryer drum and mixer trailer
  • 1 Baghouse filter trailer [3]
  • 1 Storage bin trailer with drag slat elevator
  • 1 bitumen tank (30000 or 60000 L capacity)

Click here to see how AP R works. (Require Acrobat Reader)

AP R asphalt plant assets :
  • Fast setting and reduced and cut-price maintenance
  • Road gauge trailers
  • The feeders trailer [1] is based on the ground, meaning a high stability

[1] feeders
  • Each feeder conveyor belt is provide with frequency variation
  • The contra flow technology of the dryer [2] and the steel spreader blades arrangement inside the drum, allow an optimal thermal efficiency, resulting in a faster aggregates drying and blue fumes disappearance.

[2] Dryer drum
  • Our patent system is located under the stainless wrapping to reduce the fuel consumption to 50% with 4 kg of fuel per ton for 6% of moisture, also reducing the CO2 emissions trough the chimney.
  • Our technology makes it possible to inject up to 50% of recycled aspahlt in the mixing, hydrocarbon fumes are destroyed by the burner combustion. In the same way, liquid or solid dope injection as ossible (such as the filler, glass fibre, or other additives)
  • The double shaft mixer allows a reduction of 1% of bitumen consumption and avoids the filler ball production.

[3] Baghouse filter trailer
  • The mixer is endowed with an automatic system of stripping and removable tank to ease maintenance
  • The design and the output of the AP R are such as filter size is less, compared to a traditional unit. That also makes it possible to store the filler before its injection towards the mixer.
  • The drag slat elevator is interdependent of the storage bin [4], leading to a fast erection. Whole elevator is provided with dismountable wearing sheets from outside, avoiding the chain removing.
  • The driver sprocket is make to extending the lifespan of the bush chain
[4] Storage bin
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