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Bottom of the range, stationary or mobile APM asphalt plant is designed for the production of hot mix asphalt with a continuous process. The output between 5/50 T/h and its dimensions lead to a suitable position in the road maintenance market, French an international private contracting.

APM asphalte plant composition :
  • 2 cold feeders
  • 1 drums feeding belt
  • 1 dryer drum
  • 1 on shaft mixer
  • 1 80 m² baghouse filter
  • 1 exhaust fan
  • 1 burner
  • 1 drag slat conveyor
  • 1 control cabin with our operating system software

APM asphalt plant assets :
  • European standard
  • 1 trailer (less than 15 meters long)
  • Easy transfer and low cost
  • No civil works
  • Full autonomy
  • Contra flow dryer, so no more blue fumes
  • One shaft mixer to ensure perfect asphalt homogenization
  • Good thermal output as a result of huge comsumption decrease
  • The ratio diameter/length of the drum allows to proper speed of gas output, leading to a reduction of the filtering surface
  • Traceability of the asphalt mix with a computer process and automaton
  • Automatic by either manual piloting or remote control
  • Less maintenance
  • Additional storage bin possible
  • All electric connections are set and tested before delivery
This installation answers perfectly in term of functionality and price for small and medium sized companies centred on maintenance road and private contracting.
Mobile APM

Stationary APM
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